Blogger Review Program

We love working with bloggers!  At Era, we have always encouraged people to review our products. We realize that a lot of our visitors have their own blogs, YouTube channels or other social media sites and do not want to write a separate review for us. So, we make it easy for you to add your review, plus receive visits from our other users.

Are you interested in reviewing our products or doing a giveaway?  Would you like to work with us on a special event coming up on your blog or other social media site?  We’d love to hear from you!  We are especially interested in bloggers with a focus on beauty and/or natural lifestyle, but we love to hear from bloggers with many different blog topics.

Why to join?

Our Blogger Review Program is a great way for you to get free access to our products and be the first to review new ones. What's more, you'll have your expert opinions heard as a reviewer and attract traffic to your blog.

How to join?

If you're a blogger, contact us with details and make sure you include a link to your blog - we will get back to you soon! If you have an upcoming event, please give us plenty of lead time as we have many submissions to review. Once we review your request, we'll send the selection of products to you for free. Just create and post your review on your own blog and submit your review links to us. It really is just that simple.


Your job is to offer honest reviews. It's both OK to like or not like a product - just tell your readers/viewers why in a reasoned manner, and communicate conversationally, as though you were making a recommendation to a friend.

When posting your review on your blog, please include a link at the review's end to our product or home page. After you've posted your review, please, sign in to your account at and submit the links where your review is found. We will post the preview of and link to your review on our site within several days.

Now you have a delicious decision to make about what you'd like to review next!

If you have any questions or are unclear about our guidelines, don't hesitate to  contact us.