About Us

About Us

Era Minerals is a young, open-minded company that listens to desires of modern women. We take inspiration and ingredients straight from nature, and draw upon extensive expertise of mineral makeup formulators in the USA and reputable makeup artists from all over the world.

Our products are carefully selected to satisfy a wide range of tastes to reflect the individuality of every woman. Our mineral makeup line protects and heals the skin while offering rich color selection and flawless coverage. Our full line of professional brushes is hand selected by experts insuring highest quality and performance for ideal application experience. Both product lines are uniquely developed for skin care and beauty professionals and everyday women.

Our story is a continuous search for the best in the natural beauty. In a modern fast-paced world one looks for immediate solutions often neglecting one’s health. Era Minerals seeks to go beyond those limits and bridge the gap. Our products reveal not only the diversity of decorative properties of mineral makeup, but also its positive effect on your skin - makeup that not only looks beautiful, but also improves your skin health every time you apply it.

Our philosophy is perfectly exemplified by a modern woman who accepts and esteems herself, values her beauty and health and will never compromise with the latter. Our woman is fashion conscious but is aware of her choices; she perfectly knows what elegance is and what wellbeing is and how to combine them. Others call her beautiful - we know she’s also clever.

Our vision encompasses not just providing versatile, healthy, and quality products, but something much more - inspirations, professionalism, ease and care. We listen to desires of our women and search to continually improve our products. We recognize that we can always do better and strive to evolve with the rapidly changing and demanding world.

We are dedicated to helping each and every woman reveal her true natural beauty!