Expert Tips

Expert Tips


Finding Cheekbones
Several light foundation applications are more effective than one heavy layer. The exception to this is using foundation to conceal blemishes. In order to find your cheekbones properly, pucker your lips and make a fish face. Find the area that is indented the most. Your cheekbones are just above it.

Beautiful Boost

To give your cheekbones more definition, blend some bronzer just under cheekbones and use blush on apples of cheeks. To enhance the effect, use some Luminizer on the top of your cheekbones to highlight - it draws the eyes upward, defines your bone structure and gives the face more radiance. If plucking your eyebrows is painful, try icing your brows for 10 seconds prior to plucking to numb the skin.

No Brow Arch?

Universal Shades
To create the illusion of a perfect arch, brush brows up and angle out with the brow brush, then apply highlighting eyeshadow under the outer half of brow. No matter what color your eyes are, there are certain colors that will always look great - these include charcoal, chocolate and black. Plus any variety of a silver-sparkle shadow will give an all-over modern, edgy look to any eyes.

Lining as a Pro

Perfect Tools
Start with a thicker line on the outer edge of your lid and draw the line towards inner corner of your eye, thinning the line as you go. Apply eyeliner close to base of eyelashes to make them look thicker. The right tools are essential for getting the most out of your makeup application, especially when working with minerals. Select your set of brushes for every step of the makeup application process for best results.


Tired Eyes?
When deciding what kind of eye look to go for, consider your frames. Thick frames, go for a natural look. Thin frames, go for dramatic one. Open up your eyes by applying a light eyeshadow in bright tones such as whites or golds to the inside corner of the eyes. Blend a bit up to the brow and down under the eye. Or use a shimmering eyeshadow under the brow to accent. This will make your eyes appear wide and well rested.

Dramatic Eyes

Clumps Free
Strong, bold eye makeup looks amazing when paired with nude lips. Go as wild with eyeshadows and liner as you dare, but leave the rest of your face as natural as possible, including your lips – this will really make your eyes pop and heads turn. To avoid clumps on your lashes, lay the mascara brush at the base of the lashes, jiggle mascara wand from side to side, and then whisk it up through the rest of the lashes. Loading the mascara at the base of the lashes leaves the ends clumps free and luscious.

Intense Color

Keep it Clean
Wet your brush when applying eyeshadow for a stronger and darker color. It creates a much more dramatic look that won't crease. Clean cosmetic brushes and sponges often as they can easily harbor bacteria, germs and dirt. Throw out old cosmetics which can become spoiled, rancid or contaminated with use. Keeping your eye products clean is especially important due to the delicate nature of the eye.