Precision Concealer&Lip Brush


Precision Concealer&Lip Brush 218M - a double-duty brush designed to apply concealer and corrector on hard to reach areas, and lip gloss or lipstick easily covering the natural lip contours. This brush with firm, tapered bristles is shaped to reach into the tiniest corners and deposit the perfect amount of product. The mix of natural and synthetic bristles works well with any product consistency and provide enough pressure to move cream-based textures evenly. Achieve the complete coverage precisely applying concealer wherever you need it most - like the inner corners of your eyes, along the lash line, and the small spots and blemishes. Use it for detailed eye makeup application and any type of lip products - this brush is a great multitasker.

• Bristles: mixed, natural sable hair & synthetic fibers
• Hair length: 10mm
• Overall brush length: 165mm

Brush Care:
• Clean your new brushes prior to first use with  mild shampoo.
• Spot Cleaning - clean brushes using an alcohol based  brush cleanser solution and soft tissue by gently wiping the bristles with tissue until they are clean. Depending on your use of brushes, we recommend spot cleaning after each application or at the end of the day.
• Deep Cleaning - wet brush bristles pointing them downwards so you don't get the ferrule wet. Place a small amount of brush cleanser or mild shampoo in your hand, gently swirl the bristles in the cleanser and rinse. Repeat until the bristles are clean and squeeze out any excess water. Lay on towel, at incline to dry.
• When cleaning your brushes, make sure not to fully submerge or wet the brush beyond the ferrule. Remember, water trapped within the ferrule may loosen the glue and lead to  brush hair loss or cause damage to the handle.
• To avoid color contamination, we recommend deep clean your brushes at the end of every week, or depending on how much you are using your brushes.

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