The Favorites
Brush Collection

The collection of 10 professional brushes for a perfect application technique. Comes with Akkabar brush roll.
Save on the individual RPs when buying as part of the collection.

This collection includes the following products:

• Synthetic Buffer Brush 103S
• Flat Top Buffer Brush 112N
• Large Powder Brush 122N
• Angled Face&Contour Brush 134N
• Large Angled Laydown Brush 210N
• Large Fluff Brush 342N
• Medium Fluff Brush 344N
• Tapered Blending Brush 364M
• Eyebrow Brush 392M
• Eyelash Comb 397
• Makeup Brush Roll Akkabar

Please see individual product details for instructions.
Please see individual product details for ingredient listing.